Monday, 16 August 2021

I Am Poem

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Olympics Presentation

 We have been doing olympics in our class for LCS and here is mine.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Technology At Tamaki College

On Wednesday Glen Taylor School seniors had Tech. Im in Science and we were learning about floating and sinking. Mr Malhotra pulled out some different types of equiptment and we all had to get one of each.We had to predict if it would float or sink.

I really enjoyed predicting and seeing if i were correct. I was buddied up with Anastasia, we were able to finish the whole project. 

the thing that Anastasia and i were struggling with was messuring and weighing the equiptment because we were having a little difficulties trying to work the scale.

Overall the project was reslly fun! Cant wait to go back to Tech next week wednesday.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Feedback of Tech

Today I loved doing cooking, We made veggie up pizza. I buddied up with Anastasia and we had to put our bags in the little cupboards, wash our hands and then put an apron on. I enjoyed making the pizza with Anastasia, there was a lot of things we needed to do, After we finished with all the stuff we used to cut up all of the ingredients and other things we had to wash them. I liked the pizza and shared with Destiny. After tech was finished I started hanging out with my friends. The pizza tasted really amazing and I’m proud of what Anastasia and I made.

Cycle Safety

The past two days the year sevens went cycling and were learning about the safety of riding a bike. We all were showed an example of how to see if your bike and helmet is safe and then we got split into to groups.  Once we got into our groups we got given a bike to grab them we were taught the main things to do when your riding on the road. I enjoyed some of the lessons but then again I feel like there was too much talking, I was excited to go off straight away but we had to be taught and had to see an example of all the lessons. My legs were hurting so much when we finished after the whole day but I enjoyed a lot of it.

Monday, 22 March 2021

My Thoughts On How My First Day Back Was

 Yesterday my class had to get into groups of 5-6 and make up a game, after we got into our groups we had to go find some things we needed for the game and start figuring out what we were gonna do for a game. We stopped when the bell rang and had to get our morning tea, After morning tea James came into our class and asked us what we think the value in FIRE meant to us. After we shared our ideas he took us out to the field and put us into groups and we played a game he calls Frisbee Golf. Then we ended off with games of monopoly.